Royal Air Force. The Ultimate Level

Role: Director,
Visual Effects and Post.

The film titled "The Ultimate Level" focuses on the biggest appeal for engineers: the opportunity to enhance their problem-solving skills by working on the most advanced aircraft in the country.

When the agency House 337 (formally Engine Creative) received the brief, they faced the challenge of delivering a high-quality film within a limited timeframe, budget, and access to RAF bases. A CG solution allowed for production possibilities that would not have been possible with a small live-action film unit.

Client: Royal Air Force
Agency: House 337

Creative Director: Christopher Ringsell
Art Director: Holly Fallows
Copywriter: Charlotte Watmough
Head of Film: Melody Sylvester
Executive Producer: Hayley Denning
Producer: Max Thomas
Production: Ryzek Studios

Director: Ryan Dzierzek
Music: Twenty Below Music
Audio: @750mph

Sound Designer: James Cobbold
Audio Producer: Kirsten Troy