Royal Air Force. Initialize

Role: Director,
Visual Effects
and Post.

The objective was to create a modern piece of interactive content that would connect with gaming generations Y and Z. The primary challenge was to create an interactive experience using the facilities and aircraft available to the RAF, along with a production methodology that would allow us to achieve a high production value within a two-day shoot.

We employed the Cyclops POV Head Rig during its BETA testing phase, which enabled us to be agile and efficient on the base while keeping our audience engaged.

Launch Experience

Client: The Royal Air Force
Agency: House 337 (Engine)
Head of film: Melody Sylvester
Creative director: Christopher Ringsell
Art director: Joe Roberts, Doug Redfern
Head of creative technology: Kim Lawrie
Senior creative technologist: Simon Cummin
Chief strategy officer: Matt Rhodes
Planner: Alpesh Patel, Simon Butcher
Account management: Richard Williams, Olivia Conroy
Head of production: Anita Osbourne
Production company: House 337
Director: Ryan Dzierzek @ Axe & Iron
Producer: Max Thomas
Director of photography: Tony C Miller @ WPA
Editor: James Demetriou @ Amuse the Butcher
Post production: Axe & Iron
Post supervisor: David Clifton
Sound company: Factory
Sound producer: Mikey Hill
Sound engineer: Phil Bolland
Colourist: Matt Turner @ Absolute Post