AstraZeneca. It's Just Asthma

Director, Animation and Post

Our task was to address the global issue of asthma and engage healthcare professionals and policymakers. The film needed to be visually striking and emotionally impactful, featuring real-life human testimonies from around the world. Our goal was to shock the audience out of their apathy for the disease and leave them feeling challenged and uncomfortable.

To achieve this, we conducted remote interviews with our contributors across three continents, ensuring that their stories were authentically represented even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their testimonies became the inspiration for our visuals, depicting triggers such as pollen, the constriction of an asthma attack, and the fear of being rushed to the emergency room.

Client: AstraZeneca
Production Company: ENGINE Film

Director & Animation: Ryan Dzierzek
Creative: Leo Brich
Sound Design: Laurie Shenoda
Producer: Georgina Moxey
Dawn case study film DOP: Curt Taylor
Executive Producers: Adam Booth & Dave Roberts
Account Team: Catrin Hughes & Arabella Moore
Clients: Jay Ark & Anna Lawson